Access settings for maps

Learn how to share public or private maps.

By default, your maps aare private such that login is required to access them. However, you can make them public if you'd like to open access to folks outside your company, like customers.

Here's how each access option works:

Access optionWhen to use itHow it works


Use it when your view contains sensitive data that would be dangerous to leak outside your company.

Only users who are logged into DoubleLoop can access it.

The page will not be listed by search engines.

Private with token access

Use it when you want to make it easy for a select group of stakeholders or customers to access it without logging in, but you don't want it to be fully public.

To load the page, you need the correct token in the URL. If your URL with the token gets in the wrong hands, let us know and we'll generate a new token for you to expire the old links.

The page will not be listed by search engines.


Use it when you want to make your page accessible without login to your customers or the general public.

Anyone with the link can access it. Search engines can list it.

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