Weighted averages

When a simple average won't suffice.

For a metric like conversion rate, a simple average over multiple days provides a misleading picture. For example, activity on the weekends is often much different than the weekdays. Here's how to do weighted averages in DoubleLoop so you can get an accurate sense of metric performance over time.

  1. Instead of sending a metric like conversion rate to DoubleLoop, send the numerator and the denominator as separate metrics. For example, create two separate metrics for transactions and sessions.

  2. Create a metric source in DoubleLoop I set "Calculated" as the source. This will allow you to select the numerator and denominator.

  3. Attach a metric to your calculated metric source.

  4. For the roll-up calculation for the metric, choose "Weighted average." When this option is selected, the map stats will divide the sum of the numerator values by the sum of the denominator values.

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