Jira app

Communicate the business context of work in Jira.

A note to beta testers

Thanks so much for being one of the first to try out our new Jira app. We're excited for you feedback, bug reports, and enhancement ideas.

During this early phase of development, we will be rapidly iterating on the Jira app. Things are likely to change fast! If something looks broken, please let us know. We appreciate your patience.

Also, a headsup: early testers might be asked to uninstall and reinstall the app as we make improvements and fixes.


Check out this 2 minute overview to get the big picture of the DoubleLoop Jira app.

For more on the value prop, check out the marketing website for Jira app.

How to install the Jira app

  1. Login to DoubleLoop or create your account, if you haven't already done so.

  2. Import your Jira data into DoubleLoop. Go to the Jira integration page and follow the instructions.

  3. To add the DoubleLoop "Business impact" panel to the issue detail view in Jira, click this link and follow the steps.

How to use the Jira app

After you complete the above installation steps, here's what you can do with it.

1. Add Jira work to your DoubleLoop maps

After you complete step 2 in the installation steps above, you'll be able to add Jira work to your map. To do so:

  1. Open a map.

  2. Click the Jira icon the left menu of tool options.

  3. Search for a Jira epic, issue, or initiative.

  4. Drag it onto your map and link it with bets or metrics.

See the business impact panel in Jira

After you complete step 3 in the installation steps above, you'll see the "Business impact" panel appear in Jira for issues/epics/initiatives on your DoubleLoop maps.

Here's what the business impact panel looks like in Jira.

What data will display in the business impact panel?

Data from DoubleLoop will display in the business impact panel from nodes that are directly connected on the map to the Jira issue/epic/initiative.


What else what you like the Jira app to do? How could it be easier to use? What's confusing about it? Please email/intercom/slack us your thoughts.

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