Looker API integration

Import your KPIs or metrics into DoubleLoop to see actions and outcomes in one place. It's the best way to align a team around an initiative.

How to setup the Looker API Key

Important note: to setup the Looker integration, you may need to be a Looker admin.

  1. If you haven't already, create your DoubleLoop account.

  2. In Looker, go to the "Users" screen in the admin section.

  3. Choose or create a User that you'd like to give API access. We recommend creating a user specifically for DoubleLoop. Once you've chosen, click on that User.

  4. Add a new API Key and make note of the Client ID and Client Secret as we will need those to configure the Integration in DoubleLoop.

Setting up the DoubleLoop Integration

  1. In the popover choose Looker API and hit Next.

  2. Fill in the details in the popover, we suggest giving your integration an easy to remember name to help keep track of the integration.

  3. In the API endpoint field, use the Looker API Host URL mentioned above making sure to add /api/4.0 on the end to match the placeholder text.

  4. Finally, use the Test credentials button to test that it's all setup correctly and hit Save to finish setting up the integration.

How to configure a metric with the Looker API Integration

  1. Create a Metric in DoubleLoop and click on the Source tab.

  2. Finally, save the changes. An automatic historical import will be started and new daily metric data should begin to flow into DoubleLoop.

  3. If you need to update your Looker configuration in DoubleLoop, click on the Source tab, then the Edit button, and finally make any necessary edits.

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