Looker Action Hub integration

Import your KPIs or metrics into DoubleLoop to see actions and outcomes in one place. It's the best way to align a team around an initiative.

Important: If your Looker instance is configured for IP based security, our outbound IP addresses are,, and We use Look data downloads to allow for large data sets and require access to fetch the download.

How to enable Looker integration

Important note: to turn on Looker integration, you may need to be a Looker admin.

  1. If you haven't already, create your DoubleLoop account.

  2. In Looker, go to the "Actions" screen in the admin section.

  3. Click Add Action Hub.

  4. Add the Action Hub Url: https://app.doubleloop.app/looker

  5. Click the Enable button on the Track Metric action. This will bring up the Action configuration. Grab your API key from the DoubleLoop Integrations page or from any newly created Metric Looker Data Source and paste it into the API Key box. Make sure to toggle the Enabled slider and click Save.

How to send metrics from Looker to DoubleLoop

  1. Find the Looker Look that contains the metrics you’d like to provide to DoubleLoop. The Look must contain at least one date field and one value field.

  2. From the Look configuration menu, choose the `Schedule...` option.

  3. Give your Schedule a memorable name, choose the DoubleLoop metric you'd like to receive data from the DoubleLoop Metric Source dropdown, and pick how often you’d like it to send (we suggest daily). Hit Send Test followed by Save All. Optionally, if you'd like to control the number of records sent to DoubleLoop, expand the Advanced options section.

  4. If you need to update your Looker configuration in DoubleLoop, click on the Data Source tab and make any necessary edits.

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