Customer advisory board

Help shape the future of outcomes-driven work.


So much work is wasted. Companies continually work on projects with poor business impact while failing to double down on initiatives with the highest ROI.
In part, it's a tools problem. Today's tools separate work from measuring business results, leading teams to focus on outputs, not outcomes. DoubleLoop's paradigm breaks these boundaries, bringing clarity to actions and results. We're on a mission to transform how teams learn and execute strategy.
Yet, a human problem persists: spreading new ways of working is difficult. To address this, we've formed the DoubleLoop customer advisory board, to bring together leaders who share our vision for outcomes-driven work. Members will play an important role in shaping the future of DoubleLoop and transforming how companies achieve business results.

Who's it for?

The DoubleLoop customer advisory board consists of ten companies across a diverse range of industries and job functions. Here's what all members share in common:
  • They firmly believe in the power of outcome-driven work and are dedicated to investing the necessary energy to break through the barriers that hinder progress.
  • They influence strategy for their team and/or company.
  • They're data savvy and can get their hands on metric data.
  • Their company is post-product/market fit.


  • 20% discount on DoubleLoop.
  • Influence DoubleLoop's roadmap.
  • Early access to new DoubleLoop features to help your team achieve better business outcomes.
  • Free North Star workshop to help you align on actionable metrics.
  • Dedicated customer success.

What's involved?

  • Members must have at least one paid editor seat in DoubleLoop.
  • Members must be able to integrate at least one of the following:
    • Work source - Jira, Linear, or Shortcut
    • Metric source - Snowflake, Bigquery, Postgres, Looker, Amplitude, Google Analytics, etc. (see full list)
    • Communication channel - Slack or email
  • Shared Slack channel for asynchronous feedback.
  • Monthly Zoom calls for in-depth in-depth product feedback.
  • DoubleLoop can use your company logo on marketing materials.
  • Case studies and collaborations on content to share success stories with the world.

How to join?