Google Analytics integration via Zapier
Learn how to add Google Analytics metrics to DoubleLoop through Zapier
If you need metrics from Google Analytics that aren't provided by our Google Analytics integration you can also get metrics into DoubleLoop from Google Analytics through Zapier.
This is not as easy as we want it to be. If you run into bumps, send us an Intercom message or schedule a time with us and we can do it together.
Note: it requires a paid Zapier account since it's a "multi-step" Zap.


With these instructions, you will setup a daily job to send a specific metric from Google Analytics to DoubleLoop every day at a time of your choosing.
1. Open the template of the zap by clicking here.
2. Set the trigger. The default is for it to run every day, including weekends, at 4am. There's no need to change this.
3. Click "Test the trigger" and then "Continue."
4. Click "Run Report in Google Analytics."
4. Click "Choose account" and connect your Google Analytics account.
5. Click "Setup action."
  • Configure "Account," "Property," and "View (Profile)" as you see fit.
  • Don't edit the "Start date" and "End date" fields. These fields indicate that the Zap will grab data from the previous day.
  • Don't edit the Output Format. It must be "Individual Data Points."
  • Change "Metrics" to the metric that you want to pull in. Unfortunately, you can only do one metric per Zap. To pull in another metric you'll need to make another Zap following this same process.
  • Leave the rest of the fields in the "Run Report in Google Analytics" section blank. It might be possible to use them, but we don't have a good understanding of them yet.
6. Click "Test action." After you test it, you should see something like this. You can confirm that the data matches what you see in Google Analytics for that metric from the previous day.
7. Click "Add analytic in DoubleLoop."
  • Follow the instructions to connect to your DoubleLoop account.
  • Do not change "Action Event" from "Add Analytic."
8. Click "Choose account" to set up the action.
  • Set the "Analytic name" to be how you want it to appear in DoubleLoop. Or, if you already have created the metric in DoubleLoop, use the exact name from DoubleLoop.
  • Do not edit the "Date."
  • For value, pick the numeric value from Google Analytics.
  • For "Data type" you can choose between "Count" or "Percentage." E.g., "Sessions" would be a count and "Conversion rate" would be a percentage.
9. Test the action and turn on the Zap.
10. Login into DoubleLoop and go to the metrics page. You should see a metric with the name you specified in Zapier. If you click on the metric, you should see the data point from your Zapier test.
11. To add the metric to your strategy map, open the "Settings" for the metric. Toggle the "Show on strategy map" setting to on.
Phew, you're done! Moving forward, every night a data point will be added to DoubleLoop for the Google Analytics metric you chose.
Your historical metric data won't be there yet, unfortunately. However, we can help you with a CSV upload to get your historical data in there.
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