Slack integration

Learn how to use the DoubleLoop Slack integration.
DoubleLoop makes it easy to manually or automatically push information to Slack. Using our Slack integration helps teams stay aligned and up-to-speed with progress.

How to integrate Slack

Start by connecting our Slack integration from the integrations page. Then setup the types of messages you'd like as described below.

Types of Slack messages sent from DoubleLoop

Why use it?
How to do it?
Weekly strategy review
Keep your team in-the-loop with performance of key metrics and intiatiatives.
Open the "settings" for a map and enter a Slack channel. You'll then get a weekly message summarizing the performance of metrics and workstreams.
Metric subscription
Keep a team or project focused on the performance of a single key metric.
In metric settings, enable the Slack digest. Choose a Slack channel and configure the schedule/frequency.
Workstream subscription
Get automated updates as soon as work is finished.
In workstreams settings, add a channel. As soon as new items appear in that workstream, a message will be sent to that channel.
Manually share events
Share progress with stakeholders when the time is right.
Click the share button next to an event for a workstream. Then choose the channel to send the event to.

Example screenshots

Weekly strategy review sent to Slack

Weekly strategy review Slack message

An event shared to Slack automatically or manually

An event shared in Slack (either manually or automatically)