Google Sheets via Zapier
Learn how to add Google Sheets data to DoubleLoop via Zapier
This is not as easy as we want it to be. If you run into bumps, send us an Intercom message or schedule a time with us and we can do it together.


With these instructions, you'll setup a Zap to send new rows in Google Sheets to either a new metric or new event in DoubleLoop.
1. Open the template of the zap by clicking here for metrics or here for events. ****
  • The following screenshots show the event template but the steps are the same for metrics.
2. Connect your Google account to Zapier, it should look like this when you are finished:
3. Pick a Google Sheet you would like to connect and select a Worksheet.
  • Make sure your sheet has column headers.
4. Choose which fields you want to map. For events title, importance, and date are required. For metrics, date and value are required however they do not need to be named this in Google Sheets.
Event example
5. Map your fields. Click into each field and select the appropriate row from your spreadsheet. They will show up with the headers from your Google Sheet.
  • Pay close attention to the When did the event occur field as the default is today.
  • We recommend you add a value for the "Labels" field so you have a way of filtering for these events in DoubleLoop.
Event fields mapped to Google Sheets Columns
6. Verify the data to be sent matches what you expect and run the test.
7. Turn on the Zap. When rows are added to the Google Sheet they will now show up in DoubleLoop.
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