Filtering and saving "views"
The power of DoubleLoop is in the views.
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Different people care about different things. As a product or engineering leader, for example, you might care less about commits to a feature branch and more about a PR merged to master. Or maybe you want to stay in the loop with what each different product squad is shipping. The "views" feature in DoubleLoop provides you a way to filter for just what you want to see. Combined with our Jira app, GitHub app, and Slack integration, it's a powerful way to send the right notifications to the right people.
The first step to creating views is filtering.

Filtering events

To expand the filter options, click the "Create new view" button or filter icon.
How to expand the filter options
After the filter panel is open, you can do a text search or filter by the "importance" of events.
A lot of the power of DoubleLoop comes from setting up integrations. If you've set up our GitHub integration, try typing stuff into the GitHub search box, like "Master."
Example: Searching for events in your master branch
You can also search by repo or team member. When you've done a search, your active filters will appear at the top of the filter panel.
Active filter options

Saving views

When you've set a valuable filter or combination of filters, you can save it as a view. Just click the "Save current view" button. After giving it a name and saving it, it will appear in the left rail for future access.
The list of views
Important: all members of your DoubleLoop organization will see the same list of views. So if you add a new view or delete one, it affects everyone.

Connecting views Slack channels

This is where things get really interesting! You can use DoubleLoop to design your own system of signal-rich Slack notifications. Learn more on the page about our Slack integration.

We're happy to help set up your views!

Are you unsure about the best way to set up views for your team? Schedule an onboarding session and we can do it together!